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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Understand Your Greatness

On this week’s Life by Design, Josh Reagan talks about, how your current situation and other people’s opinions of you should not define who you are and who you will become in the future. Josh tell stories of how he and others had to overcome adversity to achieve success. Please don’t forget to subscribe and leave […]

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The Primary Ingredient of Happiness is…..

On this week’s Life by Design motivational podcast, Josh Reagan talks about the one thing you will need in order to experience lasting happiness built on a foundation of fulfillment and contentment  To find out what it is, listen here.

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Words, Actions and Unintended Consequences

In this week’s motivational Life by Design podcast, Josh Reagan shows you how your words and actions have consequences, both intended and unintended.  Josh Reagan tells the story of how his friend’s life was saved by the unintended words and actions of a stranger. This Life by Design episode ends with a request from Josh […]

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The Importance of Living in Your Element

In this week’s motivational, Life by Design podcast Josh Reagan talks about seeing the John Legend concert and observing how he lives in his element while on stage.  Josh talks about the importance of understanding and living in your element and its effects on your own happiness and success.  

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